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Notable Palestinians
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Edmund Shehadeh, Bethlehem Arab Society for...
This Week in Palestine May 2012 Life in the occupied Palestinian territories remains harsh. Within the wider context of...
This Week In Palestine
Musa Sanad, Visionary Founder of the Artas...
MUSA SANAD AND THE ARTAS FOLKLORE CENTER The recent history of Artas falls into two periods marked by the death of...
Artas Folklore Center
Falestin Naili Artas Virtual Scholar in Residence
The Artas Folklore Center is proud to announce Falestin Naili, our new “Virtual Scholar in Residence.” Falestin Naili...
Artas Folklore Center
Hamdan Taha, archeologist
TWIP August 2011 The assistant deputy minister at the sector of antiquities and cultural heritage of the Ministry of...
This Week In Palestine
Juan (Hanna) Michael Canahuati, entrepreneur
By George Al Ama and Nada Atrash TWIP November 2011 Although, according to unofficial statistics, the Arab population...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Edward Said
A Mentor Who Mastered Speaking Truth to Power By Vera Ghattas Baboun TWIP November 2011 During the spring semester...
This Week In Palestine
Diana Buttu
TWIP September 2011 Since her first visit to Palestine during the first Intifada, when she was only 16, Diana Buttu...
This Week In Palestine
Jad Isaac, biologist and agriculturalist
This Week in Palestine, August 2010 Jad Isaac was born on 1 August 1947 in Beit Sahour. In 1963, he joined the Faculty of...
This Week In Palestine
Nasser Abdul Hadi, cook
Palestinian Chef Finds Occupation Hard to Digest by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler, July 21, 2010 RAMALLAH –...
Arab Educational Institute
Palestinians build solar car from scratch
Students overcome scant resources to put green prototype on Hebron's diesel and donkey polluted roads Rachel Shabi in...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Palestinian girls "Einsteins of tomorrow"
Toine Van Teeffelen
Muayad Alayan
By Amal Alayan “It takes a village to make a film.” This acknowledgement by 24-year-old up-and-coming Palestinian...
This Week In Palestine
Rula Halawani, photographer
Any of us see the relationship between the photographer and his/her subjects as if the camera were an extension of the...
This Week In Palestine
Ata Khatab: Dancer, Choreographer, and Dance Trainer
By Hana Awwad In 1979, ten years before Ata Khatab was born, Mohammad Ata and two other young men founded a humble dabkeh...
This Week In Palestine
Ghada Harami, working on disabilities
Disabilities Are to Be Overcome … All the Way till Perfection “When the telephone rang, I was in the middle of a busy...
This Week In Palestine
Hani Zurob, painter
“He is a typical Palestinian from the class that has suffered the most. His most recent paintings have been made up of...
This Week In Palestine
Elias Hezeineh, Palestinian Magician
PNN Newsletter 11.04.09 - 12:11 PNN exclusive / Hiba Lama – Elias Hezeineh is a magician performing throughout the Arab...
Arab Educational Institute
Profiles from Palestine - NOT Desperate Housewives
By Carol Sansour Dabdoub I do not necessarily find dedicating an issue of TWIP to Palestinian Women appealing. In fact, I...
This Week In Palestine
Majd Hajjaj-Rimawi, circus performer
Circus & Grandma By Majd Youssef Hajjaj-Rimawi Has your grandmother ever criticized the way you dress, talk, or the...
This Week In Palestine
Samia Totah, business woman
Women in IT By Samia Jubran Totah It is not common in one’s life to have the opportunity of accepting a regional...
This Week In Palestine