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Faida Daibes-Murad wins environmental prize in Sweden
submitted by This Week In Palestine

The Edberg Foundation in Sweden awarded its annual Edberg Award to Fadia Daibes-Murad for her work with water related issues in Palestine and the Middle East. In its decision to award Daibes-Murad the Award, the board of the Edberg Foundation found that on a scientific and practical platform Daibes-Murad has shown that there are possible solutions using peaceful means to achieve trans-boundary goals in a problem-stricken region. Her work to build and operate a sustainable Palestinian Water Authority Institution, and find solutions based on international law and praxis, could become a model to be followed on other political levels to reach a sustainable development and peaceful co-existence between the people of the Middle East.

Daibes-Murad holds a Master’s of Science degree in water resources with specialization in ground water. In addition, she holds a PhD on the ‘application of international water law on trans-boundary groundwater’ from the International Water Law Institute at Dundee University (UK). She has several years of working experience in water research and planning and six years of working experience in institutional policy and strategy in the water sector, including capacity building and training. For six years she held the position of Deputy Director of the Norwegian Programme “Development in the Water Sector in Palestine,” to build and operate a sustainable Palestinian Water Authority Institution. She has been a trainer in universities and schools on institutional legal and policy related subjects. She was recently the team leader with the University of Dundee in one of their leading Knowledge and Research projects that is funded by DFID on international water law. In addition, she worked as an institutional and water policy consultant for a private British company (Environmental Resources Management-London) on their projects in the West Bank.

The Edberg Foundation was established in 1990 in the name and spirit of Rolf Edberg, an author, philosopher and environmental advocate who gave a voice to those people who are struck the hardest by the environmental situation in the world. Bo Landin, Secretary General of The Edberg Foundation, underscored the value of the work that the award-recipient has done, saying that Daibes-Murad has shown on a professional and human level how a strong knowledge base and a personal conviction can lead to good results, across national boundaries, across cultural divides and for the good of everybody. “She has set an example we can only hope people in the political arena will be inspired by to solve the underlying problems facing the people of the region.”

This Week in Palestine
March 2005

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