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General question regarding skin color...
submitted by Magda H.

Hello! I have a question regarding the skin color of Palestinians... how come some have brown skin and dark hair and others have very fair skin and brown, even blondish hair?
Are the origin of those "two groups" distinct, or is it a mere coincidence with no regard to previous location?

Thank you for your responses!

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  Submitted by Wedad Al Maloukh 09.08.2008    

It would be interesting to know, as I am from the very fair skinned group-blonde hair light skin. Most people do not even assume that I am Palestinian. All of my children have inherited my features as well. I will keep checking to see if anyone made comments. THX


  Submitted by Mahmoud Elewa 28.02.2010    

Like me i have a very European look Fair skin , light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes.


  Submitted by Mahmoud Elewa 28.02.2010    

"Throughout history a great diversity of peoples has moved into the region and made Palestine their homeland: Jebusites, Canaanites, Philistines from Crete, Anatolian and Lydian Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and European crusaders, nt Egyptians, Hittites, Persians, Babylonians, and Mongols, se ancient civilizations survived until modernity—albeit modernity camouflaged under the veneer of Islam and Arabic culture."


  Submitted by Mahmoud Elewa 28.02.2010    

Also Christianity played a big part . And also The Ottoman Turks Mostly made of Slavic And Turk Soldires Came to Palestine.


  Submitted by Mahmoud Elewa 04.03.2010    

Also The Greek Dna plays a Big part because Palestinians Decend from the The Ancient Philistines who came from The island of Crete ( the Minonan Greeks )


  Submitted by Mahmoud Elewa 16.03.2010    

And Cannanite too


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