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Researching bagpipes' history in Palestine
submitted by David Watson

HI, I am a documentary film maker and musician, based in New York.
I believe there is an interesting story here, with the use of the bagpipes in Palestine.

Most probably, a form of bagpipe was first taken to Europe (where it is now so associated with British /Scottish history ) from the Middle East, around the 12th century. ( I think you can guess how and why !)
The bagpipe traveled back to the Middle East with the British Army, in a different form, hundreds of years later, and seems to be quite popular in various Middle Eastern countries, including Palestine.

I am seeking anybody - anybody ! -who as any information, experience about piping in Palestine.

Probably the hardest part for me, is finding just how the instrument took hold, and shifted from being a British Army thing to be a local one.
However , any information at all would be great.
I undestand it is popular with Scout groups today.
If anybody has experience with that, also, I'd love to hear about it.

You can e mail me : davidwatson at thing dot net
......or e mail me your phone number and a good time to call.

Thank you !
( I speak English, only. Sorry ! )

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