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Facusse (Faccuseh, Fakkooseh etc) Im trying to find more relatives...
submitted by Laila Facusse

All we know is that my great great grandfather came from bethlehem, his name was Elias Facusse, my great grandfather was Teodoro Facusse Sduby who immigrated to Mexico, Matamoros Coahuila, my grandfathers name was Salomon Facusse and we are trying to make a family tree...we have no further information, if you have any information please post.
Thank you

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  Submitted by Hector Faccuseh 13.12.2009    

Hi Laila,

I believe we might be related. My great grandafather's name was also Elias Faccuseh Raide. My grandfathers name is Alberto David Faccuseh Gallegos. Teodoro and Salomon are my grandfathers half brothers. My great grandfather migrated to Mexico in 1903 with his two sons (Teodoro and Salomon). I have a picture of my great grandfather from when he arrived Mexico. I think it may be the same great grandfather.


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