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I would like to find the Giacoman Family in Bethlehem
submitted by Juan Giacoman

I was born in Torreon,Mexico.I am from palestinian descent, my great great grandfather arrived here in Mexico about a 100 years ago.I'm really interested in finding out more about my family back in Bethlehem

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  Submitted by Arab Educational Institute 10.03.2010    

Dear Juan Giacaman

Thank you very much for your email of 10/3/2010. I am happy as Fuad Abdallah Salih Abdallah Giacaman from Bethlehem to welcome you and greet such interest in knowing about your family descent.

Could you please write me down more about your full name (father, grandfather and grand grand father) if you can trace your family tree. This is very important for me personally in order to check, questions search for your family background.

Our Giacaman family has many branches so please write me more details about yourself (C.V) and more about your father and grandfathers, dates of birth, death and mothers and grandmothers. Jobs and work of your father and grandfathers and relatives if you have could also help.

To get Palestinian citizenship that needs further search and examining through our local authorities when I have more detailed information from you.

Looking forward to continuing our contacts on the way to getting to know more about your family and our relation.

Best regards from one of your closer or distant relatives,
Fuad A.S Giacaman
AEI-Open Windows General Director
Palestine–family.net committee member


  Submitted by Matt John 11.05.2010    


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