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Immigration & Emigration
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Chicago, Looking for Answers
I am searching for my father's roots in Palestine. He died in 2007, and I have not been able to find any information on his...
Maryam Sousan
Ramallah in the USA—Since 1952
By Terry Ahwal Morris TWIP November 2011 In 1952, several young students who lived in the United States wanted to unite...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinians in the Diaspora
A Story of Existence By Mohammed A.K. Owaineh TWIP November 2011 As a young child, I saw Palestinians in the...
This Week In Palestine
hi , im mostapha i was born in lebanon as a palestinian refugee and searching for my relative and i asked someone informed me...
Mostapha Al Sayed
Katrina in Five Worlds
Life story of my maternal grandmother, Katrina Saade. Born in Bethlehem in 1900, she lived in Palestine, Kiev, Mexico and...
Kathy Kenny
Yasmin hamel is looking for her relatives and roots
I am Yasmin Hamel ( Yasmin Amer El-Shayeb) from La-Calera, this is one of the last letters remaind with me from my family, If...
Nasif Masad
The Arabs of Honduras
Sent to me by my aunt, who lives in Honduras. Commemorating Honduras' Independence: The Arabs of...
Pat Samour
The Palestinian Struggle in San Francisco
Identity and Expression By Jennifer Mogannam The San Francisco Bay Area has a legacy of being one of the most...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinians in the United States
The Untold Success Story By Hussein Ibish The Palestinian-American community is a large, vibrant, and increasingly...
This Week In Palestine
One Hundred Years of Palestinians in Chile
New Paradigms By Xavier Abu Eid Chile is located in the southern part of the world and inhabited by 16 million people....
This Week In Palestine
Diaspora Down Under: the Story of Palestinians in...
By Rawan Abdul-Nabi and Randa Abdel-Fattah Often enough when we visit our families and friends in Palestine, in the Arab...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinians in the Gulf
By Rana Sadik At this point in time, I have spent half my life as a Palestinian in the Gulf and the other half as a...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinians in Britain
By Ghada Karmi The British Palestinian community constitutes one of the most important of the Palestinian diaspora. This...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinians Living in the Diaspora
By Ingrid Jaradat Gassner Sixty years ago, prior to the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe)...
This Week In Palestine
Jose (Youssef) Jorge Siman - San Salvador
Jose (Youssef) Jorge Siman - San Salvador International observers at the recent, heated elections in the Central...
Prima Soho
Jacobo Kattan Jr - Kattan family teaches Honduras...
Kattan family teaches Honduras a lesson in ambition When you think of the Honduras of the 1920's you think of a third...
Andrew Dabdoub
One of the few studies of the Palestinian experience in the United States was published by Kathleen Christison in the Journal...
Andrew Dabdoub
Palestinian Americans
Palestinian Americans are Americans of Palestinian ancestry. It is difficult to say when the first Palestinian...
Andrew Dabdoub