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General History
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Freemasonry in Ottoman Palestine
Michelle Campos Source: Jerusalem Quarterly Issue 22/23 In 1956, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the founding...
Jerusalem Quarterly
The Time the Peasants Entered Jerusalem
The revolt against Ibrahim Pasha in the Islamic court sources Judith Rood Source: Jerusalem Quarterly Summer...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Re-examining Egyptian Rule: Who laid the...
Khaled Safi Source: Jerusalem Quarterly Fall 2006 Issue 28 The period of Egyptian rule in Syria and Palestine has...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Palestinian Education
By Mahmoud Amra After 1948, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) was annexed to Jordan, and Gaza to Egypt....
This Week In Palestine
The Players - Some of the people who had a part in...
The Players - Some of the people who had a part in leading to the Palestine of to-day - 2007 Agreeing or disagreeing with...
Fuad Salem
The Crusades are part of Palestinian history, but...
With the possible exception of Umberto Eco, medieval scholars are not used to getting much media attention. They tend to...
Prima Soho
Interesting highlights on Jerusalem after 1291
(1) Political History The Latin dominion over Jerusalem really came to an end on 2 October, 1187, when the city opened...
Prima Soho
The colorful history of Bethlehem
Bethlehem was first settled by the Canaanite tribes, naming the city Beit Lahama. They built a temple to the God Lahama...
Fuad Salem
The Expulsions of 1948
The story of the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians during Israel's ironically called “War of Independence,” as...
Andrew Dabdoub
Pre 1948 Palestine. What really happened ?
What happened to pre Palestine in 1948 ? ' Independent Palestine' began taking shape in Palestine after the fall of...
Fuad Salem
The Jewish connection with Palestine
I would like first to clarify the misconception about Jews and Christians. First, even though Jesus was a Jew, Jews are...
Fuad Salem
Church of the Nativity
The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world. The structure...
Alex Kattan
History of Palestine
History of Palestine Prehistoric Period Paleolithic Period The Mousterian Neanderthals were the earliest...
Alex Kattan
A brief history of Bethlehem
Bethlehem is a city in Palestine considered a central hub of Palestinian cultural and tourism industries. It is...
Alex Kattan
Lepers, Lunatics and Saints
Jerusalem Quarterly File issue 20, published in Winter 2004 The Nativist Ethnography of Tawfiq Canaan and his Jerusalem...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Palestinian Identity
Dialogue no. 5, October 2006, between Nadim Rouhana and Salim Tamari Rouhana: What Palestinian identity is, or what it is...
Toine Van Teeffelen
An overview of the 20th century history of Palestine
(with a focus upon the Bethlehem area) Palestine and Zionism At the beginning of the 20th century, Palestine was...
Terra Sancta School For Girls
Debate about history, 16-2-2006, between...
Norman Finkelstein & Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami Debate: Complete Transcript Download MP3...
Toine Van Teeffelen

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