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Songs and Poems
Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.
Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

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Palestine: a poem
Palestine By Manar Harb TWIP November 2011 Palestine, how long I stand before you… Wounded, deep inside...
This Week In Palestine
The Discourse of Arabic Religious Music
Dhikr, Mawlid, and the Praise of God By Dr. Ali Qleibo TWIP October 2011 “O you who believe! Celebrate the...
This Week In Palestine
Samara dance troupe at Gaza weddings
Egyptian song and dance lift Gaza weddings Rami Almeghari, The Electronic Intifada, 25 October 2010 Samara is the name...
Arab Educational Institute
Palestina soy.
Ana Calderon
Mustafa al-Kurd, on Jerusalem
Mustafa al-Kurd Praises His Native City Jerusalem with Song Mustafa al-Kurd dedicates his newly released CD Al-Madah (The...
This Week In Palestine
Leilet al milad (night of the birth)
This is a hymn much sung during Christmas among Christian Palestinians, both indoors and outdoors. In the Bethlehem area you...
Arab Educational Institute
Farewell Mahmoud (Darwish)
By Amal Nashashibi I know that when I feel an itch to write, I am usually very agitated. My restlessness started to build...
This Week In Palestine
The visions and poetry of Little Miriam (1846-78)
Little Miriam and her imaginary Parts of this writing are from the Bethlehem Community Book published by AEI-Open Windows...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Popular Songs and Dances of the Artas Folklore Troupe
The Artas Folklore Center's Ahya al Turath Folklore Troupe is not only a staple of the Annual Artas Lettuce Festival, but is...
Artas Folklore Center
Oyoun Al Kalaam Dal’Ouna
“In the summer of 2003, Al-Fawwar Camp was our destination,” noted Saed Karzoun - Al Kamandjâti PR and media officer. He...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian am I
No one can take away from me My identity, For it is mine. Palestinian am I. I am the river that flows Through my...
Mona Wafa
a Landscape of Tragedy a Language of Sad Rhymes
INNOCENT Palestinian Child Martyr February 28 2008 Photo Fady Adwan PalestineFreeVoice Images Poetry4Palestine - In...
HIyam Noir
Eye to Eye - Gihad Ali
Look into my eyes And tell me what you see. You don't see a damn thing, 'cause you can't possibly relate to me....
Arab Educational Institute
Who Am I?
“Who Am I” is a song whose lyrics and music were written by Rima Nasir Tarazi. It is also part of Ila Mata (Until When),...
This Week In Palestine
"On This Earth"
Poem by Mahmoud Darwish We have on this earth what makes life worth living: April's hesitation, the aroma of bread at...
Toine Van Teeffelen
The Poetic Expression of a Political Man
Ibrahim Nasrallah introduces Diwani, a collection of poems by Ahmad Hilmi Abdelbaqi (1882-1963) Jerusalem...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Poetry of Rebellion: The Life, Verse and Death of...
Jerusalem Quarterly Issue 25 Winter 2006 Perhaps no other Palestinian popular poet garnered the fame and popularity of...
Jerusalem Quarterly
What a beautiful word. What a beautiful place. Poised with dignity. Full of grace. The people, they suffer. Individually...
This Week In Palestine
“Seasons of Violet” By Rim Banna
Lovesongs from Palestine “Seasons of Violet” - Lovesongs from Palestine is Palestinian singer Rim Banna’s new...
This Week In Palestine
Jerusalem, Fairuz, and the Moon
The Radio and the Discourse of Love in Modern Arabic Song By Dr. Ali and Aida Qleibo I have always lived my life...
This Week In Palestine

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