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Land & Nature
"The land was always the spring of our narratives."
Ahmed Harb, author

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The Agricultural Heritage of Artas
When it comes to agriculture, the people of Artas have been specially blessed. The lush and fertile Artas Valley, fed by...
Artas Folklore Center
The Importance of the Sea (Gaza)
The Importance of the Sea By Yasmeen J. El Khoudary TWIP, June 2011 As young children, we all asked our parents or...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian Cave Culture
Palestinian Cave Culture Underground Cities and Cave Dwellings in the Mountains of Hebron By Dr. Ali Qleibo This Week in...
This Week In Palestine
Battir Cultural Landscape wins the Melina Mercouri...
Battir Cultural Landscape wins the Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural...
This Week In Palestine
Summer in Palestine
Summer and Palestinians By George Rishmawi TWIP June 2010 Summer in Palestine is a real-life festival. Palestinians...
This Week In Palestine
Summer Walking in Palestine
In Praise of Thorns and Thistles Summer Walking in Palestine By Penny Johnson TWIP, June 2010 Walkers in the lovely...
This Week In Palestine
Nuzha- The Summer Picnic
http://www.spiritofsumud.ps/gal-11-2.shtml an interview with Mrs. Aida Kattan about the Summer Picnic. This interview was...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Traditional Picnics
http://www.spiritofsumud.ps/gal-6.shtml an interview with Mr. Fuad Giacaman about the Palestinian Traditional picnic. This...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Climate and the Bible
By Rizek Michel Petro Syria is the name given to the tract of fertile land that lies between the Arabian Desert and the...
This Week In Palestine
Plant Biodiversity in the Palestinian Territory
By Mrs. Roubina Basous Ghattas Biodiversity encompasses all biological entities that occur as an interacting system in a...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian Land Tenure, Picnics, and Volcanoes
By Dr. Ali Qleibo Come live with me and be my Love And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dale...
This Week In Palestine
A Day in Wadi Qelt
By Sami Backleh Glossy black plumage with orange patches on the outer wing that are particularly noticeable in flight …...
This Week In Palestine
2007 Artas Lettuce Festival: Hiking
Hiking Too few Palestinians make it a point to get out and enjoy the splendors of the countryside. Artas Folklore Center was...
Artas Folklore Center
The Olive Tree Planting Day
Olive Tree Planting Day 3rd February 2007 3rd February, 2007 The day started with local and international volunteers...
Baha Hilo
Palestine in Winter
By Sami Backleh Winter is here now. Years ago I used not to like this dark cold season, the time of minimum sunlight and...
This Week In Palestine
The Climate of Palestine
Its weather is excellent. Its atmosphere is clear, and its air is pure; indeed it is the best climatic region. Summer...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The Jerusalem Wilderness
Where nature and culture come together By Imad Atrash The southern part of the Jerusalem Wilderness (E 3519; N 3142)...
This Week In Palestine
Natural Heritage in Palestine
By Dr. Ramzi Sansur In 1972, UNESCO adopted the Convention Concerning the Protection of the Cultural and Natural...
This Week In Palestine
My house Stairs
The Old Palestinian House with a nice Stairs in Hebron.
National Council For Development NCD
When Horses Fly: the Jericho Equestrian Club
by Leyla Zuaiter On May 7 and 8, fifty people headed to the Jericho Equestrian Club for a day and a night of...
This Week In Palestine

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