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Weddings & Celebrations: Artas Lettuce Festival 2007: 15 Amanallah Ayesh, Artas Poet


submitted by Artas Folklore Center on 07.06.2007
Copyright (2007) Artas Folklore Center

Poetry is a very important art for Arabs in general, including Palestinians. Despite the proliferation of newer forms such as novels, poets still spring from Palestinian Villages. Artas is proud of its own Amanallah Ayesh, a published poet who enlivens social occasions in the village. He is kept busy writing new poems for each year's Lettuce Festival.

Another poet involved in the Artas Folklore Center is Hussein Abu Ajamiyeh, from neighboring Dehaisheh Refugee Camp. Dehaisheh and Artas have had ties since the bewildered refugees first arrived almost sixty years ago and set up their tents. The women used to come twice daily to fetch water from the Artas Spring.

A video of Aminallah Ayesh reciting his poetry can be seen here:http://play.kendincos.com/7355/Whlvzjnptrvtxtxfj--artas-ertas-artas.html.

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