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Artas in Guidebooks
submitted by Artas Folklore Center


VISIT PALESTINE by www.visit palestine.ps.

(More Below)

Until recently, few Palestinian villages were mentioned in mainstream guidebooks. There was an almost exclusive focus on the well-known towns and pilgrimage sites. In this, the village of Artas is an exception, appearing by the year 2000, thanks to Musa Sanad's efforts to include the village in Bethlehem 2000, if not earlier.

The picture above shows some of the guidebooks we happen to have on our shelves. We are especially proud to announce two complementary books hot off the press, a must for your library of Palestinea. Stephan Szepezi's Walking Palestine, whose local launch took place in March 2012, and Visit Palestine, out in time for Christmas 2011, by Alternative Business Solutions. You can read more about them by clicking below, as well as some of the "venerable" guidebooks mentioning Artas and the Artas Folklore Center.

Palestine with Jerusalem The Bradt Travel Guide by Henry Stedman (Bradt Publications, 2000 (Old Saybrook CT.) The book pictured above is a newer version than the one on our shelves, which is most excellent, but we do not know if and how Artas is covered in the newer version.

Cicerone Guide Walks in Palestine and the Nativity Trail, by Di Taylor and Tony Howard 2001 Circerone, Milnthorpe, www.cicerone.uk was part of Bethlehem 2000 project which Musa worked so hard to include Artas in.

Palestine A Guide by Mariam Shahin does not devote a section to Artas but information about it is scattered in the book.

Palestine and Palestinians Alternative Tourism Group `English Edition, 2005, Ramallah
mentions Musa Sanad and the Artas Folklore Center as well as sites in Artas.

Once Again:

WALKING PALESTINE, by Stefan Szepesi

VISIT PALESTINE by www.visit palestine.ps.

If you hear of any more guidebooks mentioning Artas, do let us know!

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