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Guide Palestinian films
I would like to share with you a recent online publication from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), a...
Arab Educational Institute
Post-Nakba Euphemisms and Humour
Post-Nakba Euphemisms and Humour Al-Hijrah, Salamah, and Wadha By Dr. Ali Qleibo This Week in Palestine May 2012 If...
This Week In Palestine
The Role of Palestinian Women in the Media
By Nisreen Awwad TWIP, March 2012 Perhaps the most dramatic outcome of the twentieth century has been the reformulation...
This Week In Palestine
Adnan Musallem, interview about sumud
“SUMUD IS AN INCLUSIVE, COMPREHENSIVE CONCEPT” Associate professor and former Dean of Arts at Bethlehem University, Dr...
Arab Educational Institute
Walid Mustafa, interview about sumud
“WE DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER HOMELAND” Dr Walid Mustafa is associate professor in the department of humanities at Bethlehem...
Arab Educational Institute
Nora Carmi: interview about the meaning of sumud
“Sumud is More Than a Concept” Nora Carmi is coordinator of the community development and women’s programs at...
Arab Educational Institute
Abdelfatah Abu Srur, interview about meanings of sumud
The sumud interview series explores the meanings of the concept of sumud, or steadfastness ABDELFATAH ABU SROUR:...
Arab Educational Institute
Sumud and the Wall conference
Bethlehem 30 April - 1 May, 2010 Conference program Venue: Bethlehem University, Furno Hall Initiators: Oxford...
Arab Educational Institute
The ‘Palestine Paper Leaks’ and the...
Autumn 2011,47 Behind The News Full Article PDF Jerusalem Quarterly The ‘Palestine Paper Leaks’ and...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Inter-religious learning manual about drama in...
Drama in interreligious education as a method of learning Theoretical background and practical...
Arab Educational Institute
The “Automatic” Majority against Israel in the UN
Analysis of a Metaphor Toine van Teeffelen, Bethlehem This year new metaphors have been applied in relation to the Arab...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Politics of naming (road signs etc.)
Last Year in Jerusalem By Dr. Abdul-Rahim Al-Shaikh Since Jerusalem was declared the Capital of Arab Culture for the year...
This Week In Palestine
The Impact of the Crisis in Palestine on...
By Ziad Yaish The impact of armed conflict on people and also the coping strategies adopted by them tend to differ between...
This Week In Palestine
Communicating Palestine Through Tourism
Communicating Palestine Through Tourism: The Strategic Role of the Palestinian Family Toine van Teeffelen Paper for...
Arab Educational Institute
9/11 and Reconstructing Palestinian Identity
By Ahmed Masoud Since 1948, when the state of Israel was created in Palestine, Palestinians throughout the world have...
This Week In Palestine
Identity and the Palestinians
By Sammy Kirreh Introduction Recently, there has been an increasing interest in questions concerning identity. Sociology...
This Week In Palestine
Sumud: Soul of the Palestinian People
By Dr. Toine van Teeffelen Sumud points to a central, modern Palestinian quality and experience, aptly rendered by the...
This Week In Palestine
“…and he stood steadfast before Goliath.”
By Mustafa Barghouthi What is Steadfastness? When I was asked about Palestinian identity, one idea kept coming to mind....
This Week In Palestine
Reflections on Palestinian Identity Al-Nakba: An...
By Dr. Ali Qleibo Evocative phrases and concrete images bear testimony to the fact that “the love of the fatherland is...
This Week In Palestine
Bayt al-Maqdas: The Fahmi al-Ansari Library
Jerusalem Quarterly http://www.jerusalemquarterly.org/details.php?cat=10&id=53 Spring 1998 Issue 1 Jerusalem has a...
Jerusalem Quarterly

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