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Where to Eat

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> Homecooked Palestinian Meals from the Artas...
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Homecooked Palestinian Meals from the Artas Folklore Center's Kitchen
submitted by Artas Folklore Center

A mouthwatering meal in a historic building overlooking the Convent of the Enclosed Garden and the Artas Valley is a great way to end a gentle ramble, break up a full day hike, or simply as an end in itself. You can take away if you prefer to eat in nature. Sample Menu from Muna's Kitchen (2006 prices)


Price per person (NIS)

1) Arabic Salad with Olive Oil 5
2) Arabic Salad with Tahina 5
3) Turkish Salad 5
4) Baqdounissiyeh 5
5) Red Cabbage Salad with Mayonnaise 5
6) Cucumbers in Yoghurt 5
7) Potatoes and Carrots in Mayonnaise 5

Savory Snacks and Pastries Price per Kilo

1) Kibbeh(Fried football-shaped fried cracked wheat
and meat shells filled with ground meat): 40
2) Sfeeha: Open-faced meat pies 40
3) Sambousek: Cheese crescents 40
4) Shish Barak: Meat dumplings 40
5) Fresh Za’atar Pastries: Soft triangular pastries filled with fresh za’ater 20
6) Manakeesh: Baked bread rounds topped with dried za’ater and olive oil 20
7) Maltit: pastry rounds with za’ater, sugar and anise 20

Price per Portion
1) Stuffed Vine Leaves and Courgettes: (Zucchini) 30
2) Stuffed Vine Leaves : 30
3) Stuffed Fish : 30
4) Maqloubeh: (Chicken and rice casserole with Eggplant or Cauliflower) 30
5) Mansaf:(Rice and chunks of lamb on a bed of Rice topped with yoghurt sauce) 30
6) Baked Chicken and Potatoes: 30
7) Whole Chicken Stuffed with Rice: 40

Desserts Price per kilo
1. Plain Gharbiyeh (shortbread cookie bars): 20
2. Gharbiyeh with Pistachios: 30

 Take away or eat in historic rustic building overlooking the Artas Valley and the Convent of the Enclosed Garden
 Orders and Inquiries: ; 02 275 2752;0522292782
 To place order, call three days in advance
 Muna can meet you near the Bethlehem Checkpoint

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