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Diaspora Vintage Portraits: Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, California circa 1915
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submitted by Kathy Kenny on 07.07.2009
Copyright (2009) Kathy Kenny

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Bethlehemites Jamil Afana, Jamileh Saade Afana and son George Afana at their store, the Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, CA USA

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submitted by Dave Powell

This is my great Grandparents. Their daughter (not in picture born in Long Beach circa 1913 name Jessie Afana Abularach) this picture may be older than 1915 because George (pictured) was at least 6 or 7 years older than my grandmother Jessie. Also, this store was located at the Pike in long Beach.

submitted by Kathy Kenny

That's very helpful, Dave. I heard from your uncle John Afana, Jamil's son, that George was probably born in 1912. He is very young in this photo so it's probably from around 1912 or 13.